There are no Metro station closings this weekend, but crews will be working on four lines. (Robert Thomson/The Washington Post)

[This post has been updated to reflect cancellation of weekend work on the Green Line.]

If you ride the Yellow Line, this is your week. There’s no late-night or weekend work to throw off the schedule. Everyone else, watch out. Here’s the Metrorail work schedule through Sunday.


From 10 o’clock each night through Thursday, riders are likely to encounter delays of 10 minutes because trains will be sharing tracks on sections of four lines. Because of the track-sharing, the last Red Line trains at Metro Center will hold an additional 10-15 minutes to ensure all transferring passengers make connections to the Blue and Orange lines, Metro said.

These are the single-tracking zones.

Red Line. Between Van Ness and Friendship Heights, and between Silver Spring and Forest Glen.

Blue/Orange lines. Between McPherson Square and Smithsonian.

Green Line. Between Naylor Road and Branch Avenue.

Weekend schedule

The rebuilding program affects service between 10 p.m. Friday and the midnight closing on Sunday.

Red Line. Between Dupont Circle and Van Ness, crews will work on the third rail, repair tunnel leaks and fix catwalks. Between Rhode Island Avenue and Takoma, workers will install cable and fix the platforms.

Throughout the weekend, trains will leave the ends of the line every 20 minutes. From 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, more trains will be operating between Dupont Circle and NoMa. In that zone, trains should arrive every 10 minutes.

Orange Line. Crews will work on the platforms at Deanwood and Minnesota Avenue, and perform track maintenance between Stadium-Armory and Cheverly. Trains will operate every 20 minutes all along the line.

Blue Line. Crews will work on the third rail and perform other track work that Metro says will result in smoother rides between Van Dorn Street and King Street stations. All along the line, trains will operate every 20 minutes.

Green Line. Update: On Wednesday, the transit authority announced that the work planned for the new rail car test track between College Park and Greenbelt has again been cancelled. Metro spokesman Dan Stessel said transit officials still are trying to work out the necessary access to CSX track space that will allow the work to proceed.

Service on the the Green and Yellow lines will be normal this weekend.


Metro riders are noticing that the announcements about weekend work contain fewer references to “single-tracking.” But that’s not because of a decline in the number of work zones where trains must share tracks.

Two things are happening: First, Metro is trying harder to communicate the information about the disruptions in a way riders can understand. And second, the track-work system for weekends has changed.

Announcements used to say that there would be single-tracking between Station A and Station B, so anticipate delays of X minutes through the work zone. It was difficult to figure out how long a trip would take.

Now, Metro tends to say more simply that trains all along a line will run every however many minutes. Metrorail increased the space between trains.

So, if the plan works, there should no longer be delays where trains line up for their turns on the track. Once you board, you should encounter no delay.