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Are D.C. drivers really the worst?

Reid Wilson on The Post’s GovBeat blog reports on a new study that rates drivers in the nation’s capital as the worst in the U.S.

He writes:

“Drivers in Washington, D.C. are more than twice as likely to get into traffic accidents than the national average, according to a new report, making residents of the nation’s capital the worst drivers in the country.

Washington residents go an average of just 4.8 years between accidents, according to Allstate’s America’s Best Drivers report. It’s the sixth year in a row that Washington has ranked at the bottom of Allstate’s annual survey, which relies on claims data filed with the Illinois-based insurance giant.”

The report is already generating lots of reaction in the Twitterverse.

So what do YOU think?

If not D.C., then tell us where the worst drivers are in the comments below.