The Metro Riders’ Advisory Council is nearly done with its draft of a Metro customer pledge that it plans to send on to the transit authority’s board for review and possible adoption. Such a service pledge could be displayed prominently online and in the transit system.

The council, which has been working on the proposal for several months, refined the language on Wednesday night at its monthly meeting in Metro headquarters. Ben Ball, the council chairman, said the wording may still be refined, and a couple more points could be added to the draft.

It’s a very interesting process to watch. The council members are your fellow riders. They don’t have a professional writing coach to serve as an editor as they try to distill the essence of what riders should expect from the service. And many members have strong opinions on what needs to be included.

Take a look at the results so far, and see how you would play editor with the draft customer pledge.

Metro’s Pledge to Customers

Safety is our number one concern.  Metro is accountable to riders for the safety of its equipment, property, and service.  We strive to deliver a system that is in a state of good repair and free of incidents.

Metro meets customers’ expectations for reliable, frequent service.
Metro will continually work to improve on-time performance and dependability.

Metro will provide timely and useful information to passengers during service disruptions.  Metro strives to limit service disruptions.  When an incident delays service, Metro will provide immediate information to passengers and the public, and frequent updates until normal operations resume.

Metro is committed to passenger security. 
Metro Transit Police constantly works across jurisdictions to prevent crime throughout the Metro system.  If you are a victim of crime while in the Metro system, MTPD will work to provide timely and effective resolution.

Metro will provide the highest level of customer service. We will make it easy for you to ask a question or report a concern.  For any issue that cannot be immediately resolved we will provide a response within one business day and keep you updated until the issue is addressed.

Metro is committed to transparency and responsible use of public resources. Metro will demonstrate accountability through regular, proactive disclosures of information on the operations, finances, and administration of the agency. Metro will actively engage communities and respond to their needs. Our default is to release more information.