Police personnel near the Navy Yard, not far from the Department of Transportation’s headquarters. (Matt McClain/The Washington Post)

Monday’s tragedy at the Washington Navy Yard unfolded in an up and coming neighborhood home to a mix of professionals, native Washingtonians, the Washington Nationals ballpark and the Department of Transportation.

For hours, employees at the federal agency, which oversees the nation’s roads, bridges and trains, hunkered down as sirens blared and an unprecedented manhunt began for one gunman and possibly more.  Some reached out offering help and support to their neighbors at the Navy Yard.

Flags in front of DOT’s headquarters flew at half staff this morning. On his blog this morning, Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx saluted the first responders and offered words of comfort to those affected by the tragedy in which 13 people died, including the alleged gunman.

Yesterday was a terrible day for our community. Our colleagues at the Navy Yard experienced an incomprehensible act of violence that resulted in loss of life and disruption of everyday life for so many.

Our hearts go out to the families of those who died in this senseless tragedy and the victims who are recuperating from their injuries. Our thoughts and prayers are also with the many people traumatized by this long and frightening ordeal.

We are very appreciative of the bravery shown by the many first responders, who acted so selflessly to protect the people who live and work in the area. Our thanks cannot meet the measure of their courage and willingness to sacrifice for the safety of others.

We are further grateful for the help provided by DOT employees yesterday to our Navy Yard colleagues.

I’m also very grateful that no one at DOT Headquarters was hurt, and I’m proud of the professionalism that everyone at DOT showed by remaining calm and patient throughout the day.

We at DOT share with our Navy Yard colleagues a commitment to public service. Today, we will do our best to return to that commitment.”