Should D.C. leaders defy Congress and keep operating in the event of a federal shutdown? Mike DeBonis’ excellent piece in today’s Post touches on the pros and cons of what would be an unprecedented act of defiance by District leaders.

The Council seems game, but Mayor Vincent Gray less so, though Gray seemed to warm to the idea as Monday wore on.

A shutdown would mean no library services. Recreation centers would shut down and there would be no trash pick-up (though trash service would resume one week after the beginning of the shutdown). Public and public charter schools would remain in operation as would the police department and 911 service.

But we’re a transportation blog — so here’s the bottom line: on the transportation front, there’s good and bad news in a potential federal government shutdown. The bad? No Circulator service. [Update: Circulator service will operate in the event of a shutdown] The good? No parking enforcement.

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