Members of the Riders’ Advisory Council, meeting at Metro headquarters in September, refine the language of proposed customer pledge. (Robert Thomson/The Washington Post)

The Metro Riders’ Advisory Council has spent several months refining the language and the principles behind its proposed customer service pledge. The draft, which the council intends to send on to the Metro board for consideration, is again on the council’s agenda for its monthly meeting Wednesday night.

I’d tighten it up here and there. (What’s the difference between “emergency situations” and “emergencies”? Or between “proactively” and “actively”?) But those are quibbles. The council members focused on key concerns among riders: safety, customer service, reliability, timely sharing of information, accessibility, security and accountability.

The council meeting is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Wednesday at Metro headquarters, 600 Fifth St. NW in the District. Here’s the latest text of the proposed pledge.

Metro’s Pledge to Customers
Safety is our number one concern. Metro is accountable to riders for the safety of its equipment, property, and service. We work to deliver a system that is in a state of good repair and free of incidents. Metro will establish clear, responsive communication with customers prior to and throughout emergency situations.

Metro will provide the highest level of customer service. Metro provides clear, timely and accurate two-way communications using a variety of media. We will make it easy for you to ask a question or report a concern. For any issue that cannot be immediately resolved we will provide a response within one business day and keep you updated until the issue is addressed.

Metro meets customers’ expectations for reliable, frequent service. Metro will continually work to improve on-time performance and dependability.

Metro will provide timely and useful information during both scheduled and unscheduled service disruptions. When service is delayed, Metro will provide immediate information to the public and to passengers both before entering and within the system. In the event of significant delays, Metro will provide frequent updates and information about alternate transit options until normal operations resume.

Metro offers an accessible environment for all. Metro service is accessible to the diverse communities it serves and easily navigated by all.

Metro is committed to passenger security. Metro Transit Police constantly works across jurisdictions to prevent crime throughout the Metro system. If you are a victim of crime while in the Metro system, Metro Transit Police will work to provide timely and effective resolution.

Metro is committed to transparent and responsible use of public resources. Metro will regularly and proactively disclose information on the operations, finances, and administration of the agency. Metro will actively engage communities and respond to their needs.