Metrorail riders (Nikki Kahn/The Washington Post)

Two Metro stations have new features opening Monday.

Metro will open a new, 426-space parking garage Monday at its Twinbrook station.

It was built by developer JBG of Chevy Chase as part of a joint deal and replaces a surface parking lot that will become a development with offices, retail and housing.

The price of the new garage won’t change — $5 on weekdays, free on weekends. It is accessible from Chapman Avenue, which is next to the station.

Construction started this week on the second phase of the joint project — 206 apartments and 33,000 square feet of retail shops.

Earlier this year, the garage had “extensive cracks” that were of concern to Metro officials. The contractor — Coakley & Williams — had said it was prepared to make the repairs to the garage.

Dan Stessel, Metro’s chief spokesman, said in an e-mail that “the cracks weren’t a great concern.” He noted that they were “non-structural in nature.”

But “we wanted the issue corrected before the garage opened,” he said. “Yes, we are satisfied with the fix.”

At the Rosslyn station, Arlington County is opening three new, high-speed elevators Monday.

Metro has recently said that its escalator reliability has improved, but riders are often frustrated at the number of outages throughout the system, which has 588 escalators and 243 elevators.