Airports in the D.C. area and north toward New York and Boston are experiencing flight delays as bands of stormy weather move through the Mid-Atlantic region.

A ground stop is in effect for flights arriving at Reagan National Airport, while departures are experiencing delays of up to an hour and 15 minutes, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

At Washington Dulles International Airport there are delays of 15 minutes or less, and at BWI there is a ground stop in effect for arrivals.

Flights out of Boston’s Logan airport are delayed about 17 minutes, while New York and Philadelphia airports are experiencing delays of 29 to 42 minutes.

Passengers are advised to check directly with airlines to determine how their flights are affected by the delays, the FAA says.

Monday’s stormy weather has been marked by thunderstorms, which are creating heavy downpours and strong winds throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. The National Weather Service issued a tornado watch through 5 p.m. for an area from the Washington and Baltimore metro region north into central New York state.