Riders on all five Metro lines encountered headaches on Thursday morning due to a variety of mechanical problems.

The first cropped up on the eastern side of the system: A disabled Blue Line train at Addison Road caused delays for riders heading toward Franconia.

About two hours later, a Red Line train offloaded riders at Friendship Heights due to a brake problem.

The next issue was a Yellow Line train with a brake problem. Riders were offloaded at the Archives station, and as a result Yellow and Green Line travelers faced delays.

Another Red Line train with a brake problem soon followed, with riders offloaded at the Farragut North stop.

After that, a pair of Orange Line incidents occurred, as trains offloaded at Stadium Armory (for a brake problem) and Metro Center (for an equipment problem).

Bus riders aren’t immune to these commuting headaches. Metro also reports that NextBus system is having some problems: