Even with all the new infrastructure in place (Bike share! The Circulator!), navigating the city without a car can still be a challenge. Throw a baby into the equation, and it’s a whole new equation.

But happily, Tiffany Bridge over at the blog WeLoveDC is back online with her occasional series, which she’s dubbed “Baby in the City.”

Her most recent post tackles traveling on transit with your little one. My favorite tip: Master the art of “babywearing.”

I’ve heard from many readers and friends who are stumped about how to live a car-free lifestyle when baby arrives. But if more families opt to stay in the city and live in more urban neighborhoods, this will be an issue (along with the need for more parks and playground spaces in parts of the District that lack green space) that will take on new urgency. My colleague Jonathan O’Connell, who’s raising two tykes in the city, has written about what policymakers should consider if they hope to keep families in D.C.

Be sure to look for future posts from Tiffany — and if you don’t want to miss anything, add her to your RSS feed.