Some Metro riders said their Monday morning commutes took longer and trains were more crowded than on a typical weekday, as transit agency crews worked on many of the tracks on the system over the Veterans Day weekend.

On the Orange Line, some riders were surprised to see trains and platforms so crowded, given that Metro was running additional trains on the line during Monday’s rush hour between Vienna and Stadium-Armory.

Trains were running every 20 minutes throughout the weekend and on the Veterans Day holiday, according to Metro officials. The agency said it planned to also run additional trains on the Orange Line in the afternoon from 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

But even with additional trains, Metro trains seemed to many to be few and far between.

“It’s less frequent service than normal,” said Metro spokesman Dan Stessel in an e-mail. (Metro offices are closed for the federal holiday.)

The crowded trains and platforms were an annoyance to many commuters who don’t have the Veterans Day holiday off and were trying to make it to their jobs or around town.

Some commuters reported platforms so crowded that the train operators didn’t immediately open the doors to let passengers off the train.

It is not the first time Metro has received complaints from commuters about how it operates reduced train service on weekends that are holidays for some but not others.

Riders have gone through similar experiences on holidays including Veterans Day, Columbus Day, Martin Luther King Jr. and President’s Day.

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