Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has drawn quite a bit of media attention recently, with seemingly every report outlining some bizarre admission or extraordinary allegation. 

The biggest Ford-related news was his appearance last week where he admitted to smoking crack cocaine. Ford had denied this and had also avoided directly answering questions about it after police said they had recovered a video showing him smoking crack. There was the video released shortly thereafter showing him staggering and ranting about murder.

And there’s more! He acknowledged buying illegal drugs on Wednesday, which was followed in short order by the release of portions of a document showing that staffers in his office were worried about his drug and alcohol use. And on Thursday, he made remarks on live television that we can’t possibly reprint (but you can read them here).

For many of us, this is an outlandish story. (Though as Clinton Yates pointed out, news of a crack-smoking mayor doesn’t entertain everyone.) But for Spirit Airlines, this news is a chance to offer a topical promotion for cheap flights.

Visitors to the airline’s Web site Thursday were greeted with a short animated video displaying the words “WE’RE NOT SMOKING CRACK” alongside a promotion offering discounted flights to the Toronto area*. (The video also included the words “THIS FARE SALE IS REAL.”)

Here’s a screenshot:

(Screenshot taken from

We’ve reached out to Spirit Airlines to find out more about how this promotion came together and we’ll update if we hear back.

* – Update: As my colleague Caitlin Dewey points out, the promotion says flights are “to the Toronto area (Niagara Falls Airport)” and other spots. But the Niagara Falls Airport is actually near Buffalo, N.Y., about 88 miles from downtown Toronto. So while the deals may be using Toronto as the hook to get attention (which clearly worked, as this post exists), these flights won’t actually deliver you to Toronto.