Michael S. Williamson/Washington Post
Michael S. Williamson/Washington Post

The big numbers on 2012 traffic fatalities came out Thursday: 33,561 dead on our roadways nationwide, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration — 1,082 more than were killed the year before.

Here are your closer-to-home numbers:

A total of 1,287 people died in crashes in Maryland, Virginia and the District last year, an increase of 11 over 2011. Of that number, 364 weren’t wearing seat belts, 476 were speeding and 375 of the deaths involved a drunk driver.

Motorcyclists accounted for 166 deaths, pedestrians for 166, and bike riders for 16.

The District had 15 fatalities, down from 27 in 2011. Virginia had 777, up for 764 the previous year. Maryland had 505 deaths, 20 more than in 2011.

In the big counties surrounding the District, Fairfax had 46 deaths, up one from 2011; the toll in Prince William increased from 15 to 19; Loudoun had 17 fatalities, 6 more than the year before. In Maryland, Prince George’s had 16 deaths, a drop from 22 the previous year; Anne Arundel had 11 fatalities, up from nine in 2011, and Montgomery had seven, one fewer than the year before.