A recent tweet from our own Dr. Gridlock reminded me that sometimes the most annoying aspects of public transportation can be our fellow riders.


My colleague Dana Hedgpeth observed the same in an item she wrote last year about the not so fun part of  being pregnant and commuting via Metro.

It all makes you wonder: Why can’t people just behave?

Well, the folks at Transperth, which serves the Perth metropolitan area in Western Australia have come up with several clever  ways to *remind* riders to be considerate to their fellow passengers, according to the CityFix blog.

The campaign — dubbed ‘Two Hoots’ — has become very popular in the system that has roughly 131 million boardings a year. The agency published a book of nursery rhymes, cleverly rewritten to send a message about being considerate, and handed them out to riders. My favorite (which I dedicate to Dr. Gridlock) — is the agency’s rewrite of “Wee Willy Winkie:”

“Wee Willy Winkie spluttered and sneezed

Full of mucus and disease

Spreading germs and ailments

Every time he coughed

Cover your mouth young man

Or hurry and get off.”

 As part of their engagement effort, they gave riders a chance to submit their own rewrites of nursery rhymes.

Recently, Transperth unveiled a series of comic books featuring characters like Brendan Bevan’s Badly Behaving Backpack and Selfish Sam.

It really is too bad that folks have to be reminded to be considerate of their fellow riders, but the Transperth campaign is a fun and humorous effort to encourage better behavior.