Montgomery County officials  launched a public awareness campaign Thursday to reduce the number of pedestrians hit in parking lots and garages.

The “Heads Up in Parking Lots” campaign will include ads on buses and bus shelters, reusable shopping bags and messages in county parking garages and lots. The message — “Don’t run over people. Don’t get run over” – might sound obvious, but county officials say people need reminding.

Nearly one-third of all pedestrians hit in Montgomery in 2012 — 125 out of a total 423 —  were in parking lots and garages, officials said. Nearly 20 percent of them were severely injured, the same percentage as in the county’s road collisions. About half of the parking lot collisions resulted in some type of injury, officials said.

Retail property managers and owners also are participating in the campaign, officials said, noting that most pedestrians are hit in private retail parking lots.

The campaign will cost $50,000, said county spokeswoman Esther Bowring.