Metro transit police have arrested two suspects in a near-fatal stabbing last month outside the Twinbrook rail station and, in a separate case, have charged a Southern Maryland man with stealing thousands of dollars worth of copper from Metro property.

In the Twinbrook incident, which occurred Oct. 10, a man was stabbed in the torso about 9:45 a.m. in a robbery attempt on an access ramp just outside the station, police said. Although his wounds initially were life-threatening, he has since been released from a hospital.

Police said Anthony J. Jeffries, 15, of Silver Spring has been charged as an adult with attempted first-degree murder. The other suspect, Rico H. LeBlond, 18, of Germantown, has been charged with attempted armed robbery and first-degree assault.

In the theft case, James J. Mulcahey III of Mechanicsville stole copper wire “from Metro-owned locations in Maryland, including the Greenbelt rail yard, on multiple occasions between June and November,” police said in a statement.    “The exact value of the theft has not been determined by investigators, but is believed to exceed $10,000.”

Mulcahey, who has been charged with felony theft, worked for a company that does electrical work under a contract with Metro. He allegedly sold the wire for cash.