A series of quick YouTube videos are part of D.C.’s educational campaign to get the word out about new automated traffic enforcement cameras.

Drivers in the District — be on the lookout. D.C. police have expanded their arsenal of automated traffic enforcement tools. As The Post’s Mike DeBonis notes, it’s not just speeding and red-light running that could snag you a ticket as you drive on city streets. New cameras are designed to catch motorists who fail to stop for pedestrians and stop signs, as well as oversized trucks driving through neighborhoods where such vehicles are banned. The cameras were activated Saturday, but until Dec. 29, only warning tickets will be issued.

Some drivers may cry foul, but D.C. police has posted the locations of the new traffic enforcement tools. In all, D.C. officials are adding 132 units to its army of electronic eyes, more than doubling the number of units already on the streets.

The cameras have proven to be highly profitable. In fiscal 2012, traffic enforcement devices brought $84.9 million into the District’s coffers. But officials say it’s safer streets, not money, that motivates them.