Diz Keller and her husband, Andrew Harriosn, after the 350 mile drive to Rochester.
Diz Keller and her husband, Andrew Harrison, after the 350 mile drive to Rochester.

This morning, we asked on Facebook whether anyone was traveling today. There were many responses. Some of them were humorous:

“Just to the local wine shop n back.”

“Yes. Into the abyss.”

“Traveled to the couch, with my cup of coffee. Does that count?”

“Yes traveling from my office to my Lazy Boy 4 miles away.”

“No, sitting on a beach.”

But Diz Keller wrote: My husband and I are leaving around noon to drive to Rochester. Anyone want to wager a bet? I’m putting the over/under at 10 hours.

And, so she and her husband, Andrew Harrison, set out from Maryland for the 350-mile trip right through the heart of the miserable weather that beset much of the East Coast all day, with some of the worst of it — heavy rain, sleet and snow — descending on just the route they planned to take. Google Maps said the trip should take five hours and thirty-four minutes. In a series of text messages between us, this is how her trip went.

Diz Keller: Here we go! 12:23 just working our way through Baltimore city.

Ashley Halsey (12:25pm): Hmmm, I just filed a story saying that the most serious northbound traffic was going to hit this afternoon!

Diz Keller (12:39pm): Yep – 83N just out of downtown, totally jammed.

Diz Keller (1:11pm): 83N at PA border: snow, congested but moving at speed.

Diz Keller (2:03pm): Just passed our 4th Cracker Barrel.

Ashley Halsey (3:03pm): With all these Cracker Barrels, we should have weighed you both before you left.

Diz Keller (4:03pm): Now that would be a story! We are somewhere in Central PA – approaching Sunbury on some awful road with lots of lights and traffic. I think we are heading toward I-99. Garmin predicts our ETA at 7:20

Ashley Halsey (4:56pm): Can you take a selfie of the two of you and send it to me at halseya@washpost.com? Who are you going to see?

Diz Keller (5:20pm): We’re going to see Andrew’s parents. And we never made it to I-99. We’re on 86W with two hours to go. There’s not much traffic and the weather has been fine (knock on wood). I’ll see about the selfie when we make our next pit stop.

Diz Keller (6:31pm): 63 miles to Roch[ester] and just encountered some heavy snow. There’s a lot of wind blowing it, and the car.

Diz Keller (7:22pm): 5 miles left, heavy snow but light traffic. We saw 1 car in a ditch. And we just passed another Cracker Barrel for good measure. We’ll send a photo when we get off the road.

Ashley Halsey (7:55): Are we there yet? (I feel like a little kid in the back seat!)

Diz Keller (8:35pm): Yes, we pulled in at 7:31. My chauffeur is grumpy and isn’t being photographed.

Diz Keller (9:06p.m): Got it! [see photo above.]