(Mark Gail/The Washington Post) (Mark Gail/The Washington Post)

If you’re planning to get away for the holidays, you’ll have plenty of company. For the fifth consecutive year, more Americans say they plan to go farther than 50 miles from home at some point during the Christmas-New Year’s period.

In all, 94.5 million people plan to go somewhere, according to the AAA’s annual year-end holiday survey. That’s 500,000 more travelers, and an increase of 0.6 percent, from the 94 million people who traveled last year. This upward trend marks the fifth consecutive year of increases and the highest travel volume recorded for the season. The auto club says 91 percent of travelers, or 85.8 million, plan to travel by automobile, an increase of 0.9 percent. Air travel is expected to decline slightly to 5.53 million travelers from 5.61 million last year.

“Nine in ten travelers are taking a road trip meaning the roads will be packed, so plan extra travel time and stay distraction free on the roads,” said Lon Anderson of the AAA.