Until this year, were you receiving a direct Metro fare subsidy of up to $245 a month from your employer, whether you work for the federal government or for a private company? And now you’ve seen the maximum monthly subsidy drop to $130 in the new year? If so, Post reporter Paul Duggan would like to hear from you, for a story about the impact of the subsidy reduction on Washington-area commuters.

Has the reduction changed your commuting choice, causing you to start driving to work rather than using Metro? Are you considering making that change? Or are you forced to endure the financial pinch because you have no other option but to continue commuting to work on Metro?

The story is about employees who receive the direct subsidy — not those who have the money deducted from their paychecks, before taxes, each month. If you’d like to talk about your situation today, on the record, with Paul Duggan, please call him at 202-334-5595 or email dugganp@washpost.com with a telephone number where you can be reached.