(Screenshot of the pothole tracker.)

Drivers in the Washington region have to endure some of the nation’s worst traffic — and, at times, encounter suspension-damaging holes on the road.

They can range from your everyday potholes to your more notable sinkholes. In the fight against potholes, the District has an annual campaign that relies on social media. Fixing things, such as potholes, is quite popular with the public; in last year’s elections, voters overwhelmingly approved ballot measures for highways, bridges and transit, indicating that people are willing to spend money if it’s for repairing a pothole or another transportation project close to home.

What can you do if you see a pothole during your travels around the Washington region? Or what if you see an incorrect sign, a broken fence at a playground or some other issue? Here’s a way to alert people: The Post’s Pothole Tracker. Just head there and report the issue.