(Robert Thomson/The Washington Post)

The streetcars are coming! The streetcars are coming!

Officials with the District Department of Transportation announced that another one of the six streetcars expected to run on the H Street Line is expected to arrive in the District on Tuesday. The streetcar is one of three built by an Oregon-based company.

Officials expect the streetcar to be delivered and unloaded at the DC Streetcar Testing and Commissioning Site on South Capitol Street in Anacostia. Once there, it will be run through a series of tests to determine whether it’s ready for action.

The streetcar is the first of three vehicles purchased from United Streetcar, a subsidiary of Oregon Iron Works,  based in Portland, Ore. In addition to Washington, D.C., United Streetcar also is building transit vehicles for customers in Portland; Tucson, Ariz., and Oakland, Calif.

D.C. currently owns three streetcar vehicles manufactured by Inekon of the Czech Republic, which are now undergoing testing and commissioning at the site in Anacostia. The first of those vehicles was delivered to H Street/Benning Road in December and is being tested in preparation for passenger service.

Each streetcar can accommodate between 144 and 160 seated and standing passengers. The streetcar’s interior layout also  is designed to accommodate wheelchairs using wide passenger doors that are level with the station platforms. In addition, the vehicles can accommodate bikes and strollers.