5 p.m. Update:

Metro says all Red Line delays have cleared, reporting that there were residual delays stemming from the track inspection earlier this afternoon but that normal service had resumed shortly before 4:40 p.m.


Red Line riders are encountering delays in both directions late Thursday morning, with single-tracking and offloaded trains creating another batch of headaches for people traveling along that line.

The issues stem from a disabled train outside Shady Grove, said Metro spokesman Dan Stessel. As a result, trains are sharing a track between Twinbrook and Shady Grove.

The train became disabled at 10:11 a.m., so those riders experienced considerable delays. Other riders should expect to encounter delays of about 15 minutes elsewhere on the line, he said. In addition, riders have been offloaded at the Bethesda and Friendship Heights stations, among others.

Stessel said the transit agency offloads trains at certain locations to try and maintain service on other parts of the line.

“Service through downtown is preserved, though a little delayed,” he said.

The disabled train was moving toward Shady Grove shortly after 11:05 a.m., he said. Metro didn’t know why the train became disabled and they will conduct a track inspection in the area to see what could have caused this, he said. As a result, the single-tracking will linger even after the train makes it to Shady Grove.

Red Line riders already encountered delays earlier this morning due to a switch problem at Fort Totten.