Sinkhole Watch 2014:

Following in the footsteps of sinkholes that have opened up at busy intersections, on sidewalks and in parking lots around Washington, another sinkhole has appeared in Southeast D.C. today.

This one is on Massachusetts Avenue and has closed that road between 34th Street and N Streets.

Here’s a look at where this is and what area to avoid:

(Google Maps screenshot)

In honor of this latest sinkhole, here’s a look back at some of the specimens we’ve seen in the area in recently.

Perhaps the biggest and most notorious opened up in downtown D.C., blocks from the White House, last May. The sinkhole at 14th and F streets in Northwest Washington closed that busy intersection for several days.

A few weeks later, another sinkhole opened up, but this one was in a parking lot. (It still attempted to consume a Honda, though.)

In March of last year, a sinkhole opened up in Adams Morgan that was initially reported as being “25 feet deep and expanding.” It turns out the thing was actually only a few feet deep and didn’t actually reach the street. The most important take-away from that sinkhole is this photo of a corgi approaching it.