Lakemaid’s “Frosty Winter Lager” beer drone delivery video.

From the files of too good to pass up: Keith Laing over at The Hill had this great little tidbit out of the Federal Aviation Administration.

It seems a Minneapolis-based beer company’s attempt to create a little buzz for itself using a video of a 12-pack of its beer being delivered by a drone has been shut down by officials at the FAA.

The company apparently received a warning letter from the agency.

“The FAA’s prime directive is safety,” an FAA spokesperson told The Hill. “While we are evaluating many potential uses of UAS as we move toward their safe integration into the nation’s airspace, commercial operation of such aircraft is not yet allowed. When we find out about an apparent commercial UAS operation, we have several different enforcement tools available, including a warning phone call, a warning letter and an order to cease operations.”

But of course, beer lovers (drone lovers?) aren’t taking this sitting down.

A petition has been launched on the White House Web site calling for the FAA to reverse course and allow the beer drone deliveries.

Of course, there has been much talk about delivery by drone following an appearance on “60 Minutes” by Amazon CEO (and Washington Post owner) Jeff Bezos, in which he hinted such a service might be in the works for customers of the online retail giant.