Maryland Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Doug Gansler in October  2013. (Bill O’Leary/The Washington Post)

Commuting can be an expensive proposition. But Maryland Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Douglas F. Gansler wants to change that for some drivers.

Gansler is proposing a 50 percent discount regular commuters on the Intercounty Connector, arguing that the lower toll would draw more motorists to the underutilized highway, The Post’s John Wagner reports.

Under Gansler’s plan, commuters who make at least 15 trips a month on the ICC would be eligible for the discount, which he said would be comparable to existing breaks for drivers who frequently use the Harbor Tunnel in Baltimore and the Bay Bridge. (Read more about what he’s proposing here.)

We’re guessing that folks who already use the toll as part of their daily commute would cheer such a plan. But if you’re not already a regular user, would a discount be incentive enough for you to try the ICC and make it part of your daily commute? Comment below.