Signs mark the District's snow emergency routes. (District Department of Transportation photo) Signs mark the District’s snow emergency routes. (District Department of Transportation)

It’s been a few years since the region’s last big snow event and at least two years since D.C. officials declared a “Snow Emergency.” So here’s a quick primer about what this means.

In the District, parking will be restricted along snow emergency routes beginning at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday. If your car is parked along one of these routes, you’ll face a $250 fine, plus a $100 towing fee and a $25 impound fee. Note: This fee will double after 48 hours and increase by $25 every 24 hours thereafter. So bottom line: Move your car.

Also, if you take a D.C. Taxicab during a declared snow emergency, there will be a $15 per ride fee in addition to your regular fare.

In Montgomery County, where the snow emergency will begin at 9 p.m. Wednesday, you should also avoid parking on designated snow emergency routes.

Note: Montgomery County officials will offer free parking in county-owned lots and garages once the snow emergency begins Wednesday night. That will continue through midnight Thursday as a way of encouraging residents to park vehicles off-road in Bethesda, Silver Spring, Wheaton and Montgomery Hills. Officials will assess conditions once the storm ends to determine whether free parking will be offered Friday. Keep in mind: Where parking is still permitted, you will have to feed the meter.

If you take a cab in Montgomery County, you’ll pay an extra $2.50 fee (a bargain compared to D.C., eh?)