There’s no really nice way to say it, so we’ll just say it: Maryland drivers — you are deadbeats.

According to the D.C. Department of Motor Vehicles, in fiscal 2013, (thanks to DCist for ferreting this out) Maryland drivers had $28,915,892 in unpaid citations. By comparison, D.C. residents had $17,173,887 in unpaid citations, and Virginia folks $14,283,120.  Residents in other jurisdictions owed about $12,026,975.

Overall, the DMV processed 2,520,675 citations in 2013 — mostly for parking, but for other assorted offenses as well. The information was contained in a spreadsheet in advance of a D.C. Council oversight hearing scheduled for Friday.

Here’s the breakdown: 1,772,756 parking, 103,038 moving, 644,881 photo, 8,561 taxi and 1,625 “other.” In total, that’s $219,020,782. But so far, residents have paid only $156,018,099 to the DMV.

For the current fiscal year, which ends Sept. 30, Maryland is again at the top in unpaid citations with $8,603,695 out of $23,105,626, roughly 37 percent.

To be fair, Maryland is doing slightly better than it did in 2012, when its residents recorded $43,455, 674 in unpaid citations.