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Metro said normal service has resumed on the Red Line at the Rockville station after an earlier weather-related problem with a train.

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Metro said normal service is back on its Orange and Blue lines after an earlier problem.

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Metro officials said an earlier problem with a train’s brakes at the Rockville station on the Red Line is causing delays in the direction of downtown for riders.

The rail lines Blue and Orange lines are also experiencing delays in the direction of New Carrollton and Largo stations. The problem is due to an earlier train malfunction at Farragut West.

On the Red Line, riders at the Rockville, Twinbrook, Shady Grove and White Flint stations heading south are likely to experience delays of at least 25 minutes, Metro officials said.

The Red Line problem started just before 8 a.m. when a train had problems with its doors at the Rockville station. That problem was resolved and the train was able to move, but it then “went down again” when its brakes were “fully applied” causing it to not be able to move, according to Metro spokesman Dan Stessel. The train was moved off the line and taken to the Shady Grove rail yard.

He said such brake problems are common for Metro’s equipment in extreme cold. He compared it to a car having both its brakes and its emergency parking brake on at the same time. “You can’t release them and your car can’t move,” he said. “It is the same thing.”

He said the problem is something we “tend to see more frequently in the cold.”

On Metro’s bus routes, Stessel said service had been restored as of 7 a.m. on almost all of the 240 routes — except for three. Buses were not able to operate on the M8, M9 and 94 routes because of icy road conditions, according to Stessel. When the road conditions improved, he said, service on those routes would also be restored.



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Trains on Metro’s busy Red Line are experiencing delays Tuesday morning of up to 30 minutes between the Shady Grove and Grosvenor stations because of an equipment problem.

It is not immediately known when the delays will be resolved. This follows an earlier problem of a disabled train at the Rockville station.

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Metro said riders on its busy Red Line should expect delays Tuesday.

The problem is a disabled train at the Rockville station.

Metro opened its rail service on time Tuesday and resumed its bus service on all routes. But the transit agency warned of possible detours on some bus routes, depending on icy road conditions throughout the area.

On Monday, Metro ran its rail service but canceled all of its bus routes because of the winter storm.

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