It isn’t something drivers typically see on their morning commute.

A deer was reported “galloping” Tuesday morning along Interstate 95 south near the Woodrow Wilson Bridge.

The animal didn’t cause any accidents but plenty of drivers slowed down to gawk, creating some stop-and-go traffic for about 15 minutes, according to police.

There was a question as to which side of the river the animal was found. That left police agencies trying to figure out who was dealing with the incident.

At first, Virginia State Police said they weren’t handling the case — even though the deer was first spotted on their side.

“That deer crossed over from Virginia into Maryland, and when he did we let them handle it,” said a dispatcher with the Virginia State Police who asked not to be identified because he wasn’t authorized to speak on the matter.

At the Forestville barrack of the Maryland State Police, a sergeant confirmed the deer had gotten onto the bridge. He said the deer was “walking and galloping” and then once it got across the bridge, “where it could run off, it did.”

He said the roadway was not shut down at any point.