In this Jan. 16, 2014 image from video provided by Lakemaid Beer, a mini-drone lands with a 12-pack of beer for ice fishing anglers on Minnesota’s Lake Mille Lacs. Lakemaid president Jack Supple said he thought Amazon’s package delivery plan would better be applied on a wide open frozen lake where ice anglers are manning their fishing holes in tiny shanties, but the Federal Aviation Administration heard him talking about his plans on the radio and grounded future deliveries. (AP Photo/Courtesy Lakemaid Beer)

Ever since the new boss* appeared on “60 Minutes” and unveiled — surprise! — a future that might include delivery by drone — mentions of the portable contraptions have peppered popular media.

Diapers delivered by drone? Beer delivery by drone? (much to the dismay of the Federal Aviation Administration) Now comes word out of Fresno, Calif. via, that a newspaper is testing the idea of reporting by drone.

According to Chuck Harvey:

“The Fresno Bee is testing a small drone aircraft to see if it can be used for aerial photography of accidents, fires, farmland, lakes and waterways.

If proven successful, it would be less expensive to operate and more readily available than a helicopter.”

(But hopefully not better than an actual reporter, please.)

* That would be Jeff Bezos, who owns The Washington Post. Speaking of which, hey boss, any chance of getting us a drone?