Residents in Montgomery and Prince George’s counties unable to pay their higher-than-usual winter water bill can request a one-month extension on their payment deadline, Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission officials said Thursday.

Other billing arrangements also can be made, WSSC said. Customers who want to make such arrangements or request a one-month extension on their bill deadline can call 301-206-4001, 301-206-4001 from 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. weekdays or use the automated phone system at all times, officials said.

WSSC officials said they’ve received numerous complaints from public officials and residents about the water bills. WSSC officials attributed the spike to a longer billing cycle caused when meter readers couldn’t reach meters buried in snow. The bills, which usually cover three months, included up to an additional 30 days of water use, officials said.

Residents stuck home from work and school during recent winter storms also likely used more water, such as by flushing toilets that they normally would have flushed at the office or school, utility officials said.

WSSC provides water and sewer services to nearly 2 million people in Montgomery and Prince George’s counties.