Jinais Ponnampadikkal Kader shot a video of a rat on a New York City subway car.

Metro may have its problems: seemingly endless delays, broken escalators and issues with the way its handled federal grant money. But at least it doesn’t have rats riding its on its trains.

Jinais Ponnampadikkal Kader’s video of a rat scampering around an A-train subway car on Monday  would certainly be my nightmare. Fortunately, this hasn’t happened in D.C. — and fingers crossed it won’t.

First, there’s the system’s ban on food on the trains. And then there is Bob Chialastri.

As my colleague Paul Duggan wrote recently, it is Chialastri’s job to keep the Metro system vermin-free.  Metro’s has a $50,000-a-year contract with AB&B Termite & Pest Control, which employs Chialastri to keep the vermin out of the stations and tunnels and hopefully off the trains.

And I will note, Paul spent several hours shadowing Chialastri’s as he made his rounds recently and despite reports, didn’t spot a single rat or mouse. Phew.