Updated at 9:45 a.m.

Normal service has resumed on the Green and Yellow lines after an earlier problem at the Shaw-Howard University stop.

It involved a female passenger who was on a train that was headed downtown, according to Metro spokesman Dan Stessel. He said the woman pulled the emergency door release on the train, causing it to stop and the doors to open. The woman then got off the train onto a catwalk in the tunnel. The catwalk in the Metro is a raised, concrete walkway area that runs along the walls of tunnels.

Other passengers and the train’s operator helped bring her back aboard the train. The train operator checked the area to “make sure no one else had exited the train,” Stessel said, and then continued to drive into the Shaw station.

When the train arrived at the Shaw station, medical personnel and Metro Transit Police helped the woman off the train and she was transported to an area hospital.

There were no reported injuries in the incident, Stessel said. He said it is believed the woman had a medical condition.

Riders on the Green Line experienced delays of roughly 14 minutes, he said.

Updated at 8:28 a.m.

Metro said normal service has resumed at the Rhode Island Avenue stop after an earlier problem.

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Metro riders on the Red Line should expect delays Wednesday morning.

The delays are in the direction of Shady Grove and are due to an earlier train malfunction at Rhode Island Avenue.

This follows earlier delays on Metro’s Blue and Yellow lines. That problem was due to an earlier medical emergency at the National Airport stop. It has been resolved.

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