You never know which celebrity you’ll spot riding on D.C.’s Metro.

For those unfamiliar with Owlie Skywarn, he’s the National Weather Service’s longtime mascot, involved with a number of the agency’s programs, including one that trains members of the public to be storm spotters. He also works to educate youths about weather science and safety.

In this shot, Owlie was headed to Union Station to take part in an Earth Day program. Seeing as it was Earth Day, Owlie figured public transportation was the way to go (every bird needs an occasional break from flying). This weekend, he’ll be at the USA Science and Engineering Festival, on Friday and Sunday at the Washington Convention Center. On Saturday, he’ll be at the University of Maryland’s Maryland Day.

(He’s also got a Facebook page  and of course, you can follow him on Twitter.)

A few years ago, Metro fans might recall the person in the giant bunny suit. Which begs the question: Have any of the racing presidents have ever taken a Metro ride?