Triangle Transit could be the first transit agency in the United States to score a Daytime Emmy.

Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but folks at the transit system, which serves the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area, has come up with a clever marketing/education campaign to tout the virtues of their bus system.

Viewers can tune in to “As the Bus Stops,” which includes all the deep sighing, double-crosses and forbidden love we’ve come to associate with soap operas. (The actors are students from UNC Chapel Hill). Embedded into the one-minute clips are tidbits about the transit agency’s GoLive Real Time Bus Info system (never be late again!) and the Bus on the Shoulder System (though whether it means Erika will get to the wedding in time to stop Prescott from saying “I do” is still up in the air). It’s all great fun.

Damien Graham, director of communications and public affairs for the transit agency, said his staff was looking for a way to capture the attention of the many college students and young professionals who use the system.  (The Triangle is home to numerous universities including Duke and NC State).  Video seemed to be a good bet. It’s also a reminder that while transportation is about getting folks from Point A to Point B , it’s also filled with great human drama, he said.

Of course, our own Metro version would have to include deep sighing over single-tracking or perhaps a break-up over a broken escalator. Or perhaps, a storyline involving the Phantom Planter? Ah, the possibilities are endless!

(HT @streetsblogusa and Holly Richmond at grist)