There has been much speculation about what the Tysons of the future will look like as it transforms from a car-centric, traffic-choked suburban community to a pedestrian-friendly, urban oasis.

One artist, however, has offered his own take with his painting — “Future Vision of Tysons.”

The image is a far cry from suburbia, and with those tall buildings (dare we call them skyscrapers?) the future Tysons does indeed look more like a big city than a sleepy suburb.

Bill Firestone said he was commissioned by a company to do the painting. The goal was to capture what Tysons Corner would look like in 30 years.

“It was not easy because I don’t usually do painting of things that don’t exist yet,” he said.

For inspiration, Firestone said he looked at places such as New York City, Paris and … Bethesda. He also looked at the various architectural renderings of a future Tysons, but, honestly, they weren’t much help because who wants a painting that looks like an architectural rendering.

He knew one of the main features would be the Silver Line.

“I wanted to get that in there but didn’t want that to be the most prominent thing,” he said.

Firestone completed his BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University. If you like what you see, he has a studio at Workhouse Arts Center, Building 10, in Lorton, Va.

Artist Bill Firestone's "Future Vision of Tysons" (Image courtesy of Tysons Partnership)
Artist Bill Firestone’s “Future Vision of Tysons” (Courtesy of Tysons Partnership)