Maryland speed camera Speed camera monitors traffic in a Silver Spring school zone. (Robert Thomson – The Washington Post)

You heard it right.  Records from the Maryland Comptroller’s office show many jurisdictions are actually getting less revenue from their speed camera programs.  Some smaller jurisdictions have seen some of the biggest drops in cash from the cameras.  Read our story for more details.

Still, some counties and towns are issuing huge numbers of tickets. Remember, the programs have continued to expand in the state and the best way to avoid a $40 ticket is to slow down.  But if you are curious to know where the most tickets are issued, this list of the top 5 speed camera fine collectors last year gives you a good idea:

Montgomery County – $16.9 million

Baltimore City – $13.5 million

Prince George’s County – $13.1 million

Baltimore County – $3.6 million

Gaithersburg – $2.9 million

Some towns that broke the million-dollar mark include Chevy Chase Village, Rockville, College Park (each collected about $1.6 million in fines) and Hagerstown, Laurel and Bowie (each collected $1.5 million in speed camera fines).

Please note that these amounts represent the money collected in fines in fiscal year 2013.  The net revenues are much lower after implementation and administrative costs are deducted.  Find your town, city or county in the full list.