A new study has come up with a list of the best and worst states for teen drivers.

Maryland came in at No. 7 on the new ranking, by WalletHub.  Virginia ranked No. 16.

The personal finance social media network ranked all 50 states. (Sorry, it didn’t rank the District.) New York ranked first and South Dakota was worst.  Find your state’s ranking in this map:

The rankings were based on several data points, ranging from the average cost of car repairs and the number of teen drivers in each state to driving laws and teen driver fatalities.

WalletHub says it hopes that the ranking will give parents and guardians some guidance for taking precautions and ensuring the safety of their young drivers.  It’s probably worth noting that summer is the busiest time for teens to get their driver’s license, and statistics show that more crashes involving teen drivers occur around summertime.  See my earlier post about a road safety campaign targeting young drivers.

Here’s WalletHub’s list of this year’s top 10 Best and Worst:

Best States for Teen Drivers

1. New York

2. Hawaii

3. Illinois

4. Oregon

5. Rhode Island

6. Massachusetts

7. Maryland

8. Delaware

9. Washington

10. Nevada


Worst States for Teen Drivers

41. Arizona

T-42. Missouri

T-42. South Carolina

44. Montana

45. Arkansas

46. Wyoming

47. Oklahoma

48. Nebraska

49. Mississippi

50. South Dakota