Smile. Your car is on candid camera in the District.

The grace period on 14 new speed cameras came to an end Friday. Instead of warnings, motorists who violate the speed limit will receive tickets in the mail.

The speed cameras are along stretches of Massachusetts and Georgia avenues NW, New York Avenue NE and Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue SE. An additional camera that detects trucks that enter a restricted area is in the 1800 block of Monroe Street NE and monitors westbound traffic.

Police said the cameras, which debuted May 20 and had a 30-day grace period, are in areas where speeding has been a problem.

The 15 new cameras, including the one to detect trucks, are part of a larger network of speeding cameras that already exist throughout the District.

Want to know where the new cameras are? Keep an eye on your speedometer on the following streets:


●4600 block of Massachusetts Avenue NW, northwest-bound.

●3900 block of Cathedral Avenue NW, northwest-bound.

●2600 block of Wisconsin Avenue NW, southbound.

●4600 block of Reservoir Road NW, northwest-bound.

●2200 block of 18th Street NW, northbound.

●3600 block of Georgia Avenue NW, southbound.

●4600 block of Arkansas Avenue NW, southwest-bound.

●New York Avenue at Bladensburg Road NE, eastbound

●2200 block of Rhode Island Avenue NE, northeast-bound.

●3600 block of South Dakota Avenue NE, northeast-bound.

●4600 block of Nannie Helen Burroughs Avenue NE, northwest-bound.

●200 block of 44th Street NE, southbound.

●2500 block of Martin Luther King Avenue SE, northbound.

●4200 block of 6th Street SE, southbound.