Three people were injured after a pickup truck collided with a car in Laurel on Thursday afternoon, causing the car to flip over, hit a utility pole and then skid nearly a block down the road while upside-down.

Laurel Police Department spokeswoman Audrey Barnes described the accident as the “worst crash I’ve seen in a while.” Barnes said that the car was traveling on Gorman Avenue, and the truck was turning from Fifth Street onto Gorman. The intersection has no traffic light or stop sign, Barnes said, and the driver of the truck did not see the car.

Barnes said that the drivers of both vehicles and a passenger in the car were hospitalized. The truck driver was not seriously injured, she said, and the driver of the car, while seriously hurt, was able to stand on his own after the crash. The most seriously hurt was the passenger, who sustained multiple broken bones.

Roads around the scene of the accident were closed during the afternoon and have reopened.