With the Silver Line set to open in just a few days, Metro has unveiled its newest ad: Lots of happy people singing and dancing their way onto a Silver Line train. The commercial ties into the theme of Metro’s earlier spots — that the Silver Line will make your life better, improve your love life and get you a better job.

The folks at our sister publication Express also released their own Silver Line tribute — a cheeky original song that captures the good and bad of Metro’s newest rail line. Blue Line riders may take solace in some of the lyrics. As one viewer noted: “It’s sad-funny.”

But which is better? We thought thought we’d let you vote. So “Metro Dances” versus “Metro Sings” — let the voting begin.

Metro Dances:

Silver Line passengers dance their commute away in Metro Forward's advertisement for the Silver Line. (Metro Forward via YouTube)

Or Metro Sings:

Washington Post Express reporter Sadie Dingfelder compiled all the complaints she heard about WMATA's new Silver Line into one tune. (Sadie Dingfelder/The Washington Post)