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N.J. drivers don’t like our speed, red light cameras

People in the Garden State apparently are a bit upset with the automatic speed and red light cameras being used by us, their southern neighbors.

The Star-Ledger, New Jersey’s biggest newspaper, reports that the legislature is considering a bill that would prohibit other states from mailing caught-you-on-camera tickets to its citizens.

“I’ve been getting loads of complaints from people,” N.J. state Sen. Nick Sacco told the Star-Ledger. “They drive to Virginia to visit relatives. They go through Maryland. They come back home and start receiving tickets in the mail. And they swear that they’re not speeding; that they’re keeping up with the traffic.”

He supports a bill that would stop New Jersey’s Motor Vehicles Commission from providing license-plate numbers or other information that would identify New Jersey drivers to other states that want to fine them.

Maryland allows red light cameras statewide and speed cameras in school zones. Virginia allows local jurisdictions to decide about red light cameras but has no statewide law permitting speed cameras. Sacco didn’t mention the District, which has a great many of both.