Two northbound lanes between the District line and East-West Highway are closed Thursday morning while crews continue to pave Connecticut Avenue in Chevy Chase, a spokesman for the Maryland State Highway Administration said.

David Buck, a spokesman for the agency, said crews are waiting for asphalt to cool before they begin painting lane markings. He said the work should be complete by lunchtime Thursday.

Once crews are finished with the northbound lanes, Buck said another crew will begin working on Connecticut Avenue’s southbound lanes. He said two southbound lanes will be closed and one will be open during the evening rush hour. Crews will work through the night into Friday morning rush hour.

Buck said all six lanes should be paved by early Saturday.

The project for Connecticut Avenue had been regularly scheduled, said Buck. Officials — who were working to repave the road at night — discovered the base of the road had deteriorated below, and crews began working through morning rush hour to repair it.

“The road was crumbling underneath,” said Buck. “That’s why we expedited this and went to a 24-7 operation. We had to get it done as quickly as we possibly could.”

The work caused delays during Wednesday morning’s rush hour.

Buck said crews are “moving as fast as they possibly can.”