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Honk, honk! D.C. taxicab drivers protest — again

A Lyft car drives next to a taxi in San Francisco. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

D.C. taxicab drivers protested — again — Tuesday, creating some traffic congestion around the Wilson Building.

Their protest came as the D.C. Council was expected to vote on legislation that will allow app-based services such as uberX and Lyft to operate in the District. Cabdrivers have argued that the services have an unfair advantage because they don’t have to follow the same rules and regulations.

The cabdrivers circled Freedom Plaza at 14th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue NW, outside the Wilson Building, starting about 10:30 a.m. Traffic was backing up by 11:30 a.m around Pennsylvania Avenue and 13th and 14th streets as roughly 100 cabs circled the area and honked. By 12:30 p.m., it was over.

It was the third such protest in recent months.

It’s a toss-up as to how effective the protests have been, because passersby or those who are trying to hail cabs can’t get one as fast. Many of the cabdrivers participating are part of the more than 2,000 who’ve formed the Washington, D.C., Taxi Operators Association, affiliated with Teamsters Local 922 in Washington.

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Andrea Peterson contributed to this report.