Drivers beware.

D.C. police are activating new speed- and stop sign-cameras in the city this week. Police said the cameras were installed in places where speeding and pedestrian safety has been identified to be a problem.

There will be an initial 30-day period when drivers will receive warning citations. However, after that 30-day period, violators will be issued tickets for moving violations. The city has installed similar traffic cameras throughout the area.

Following is a list of where the latest speed cameras have been installed:

* 600 block of Maryland Avenue NW

* 3600 block of Park Place NW

* 2600 block of Lincoln Road NE

* 3100 block of 4th Street NE

* 4000 block of 12th Street NE

New stop sign cameras are at the following locations:

* Fessenden and 44th street NW.

* North Capitol Street NE at Chillum Place

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