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Readers weigh in on Dulles’ troubles

People stand in the main terminal at Washington Dulles International Airport. (Associated Press)

Readers weren’t shy about their feelings about Dulles International Airport and its recent troubles.

At 10,000 acres, the airport is the largest of the three in the D.C. region. But sometime next year, more people will fly through Reagan National than Dulles. That’s a pretty significant milestone considering that Dulles is roughly 14 times National’s size. Baltimore Washington International Thurgood Marshall, however, remains the busiest airport in terms of passenger traffic.

Some folks simply don’t like Dulles. Too big, too difficult to navigate.

Dulles does have its fans:

As far as the worst airport in the country, Dulles has some competition:

And many readers weighed in on our usage of National (instead of Reagan National) in our story. It’s Washington Post style to use “National” after the first reference and some folks were offended. One reader e-mailed the following:

Why is it that the Post insists on calling Reagan National, National?
Invariably, you Posties say Reagan National once, and then repeatedly use National. I assume the Post enjoys offending some of its subscribers. Small point but the Post is still so petty, and it is noted by at least some of your readers. What is your excuse?
No wonder the Post is losing circulation. Can’t wait to cancel my subscription some day – then you’ll all wonder what has happened to your readers. Offending people is not a viable marketing strategy. You might want to tell your bosses. They obviously haven’t learned that lesson.

But as Patt Morrison of the Los Angeles Times noted: