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Dulles Airport’s troubles in one handy graphic

Dulles Airport is in trouble — as we explained in this article last week. Passenger traffic is down significantly, and perhaps most telling, more people are expected to fly through Reagan National Airport than Dulles in 2015. Pretty remarkable considering Dulles is 14 times the size of National.

We know some of our readers are visual, so take a look at these graphics and you can see the passenger trends for yourself.

Our story generated a lot of comments, from people who fiercely defended Dulles to those who say they’re rather drive anywhere but Dulles. (One gentleman who lives in Maryland said he’s rather drive to Philadelphia than to Dulles even though it takes him 30 minutes longer). We recognize, however, that his case may be extreme. But it is clear from the flood of e-mails we received  that some folks will go through extremes to avoid Dulles.

Still others said it’s all about the airfares — Dulles is just too darned expensive. Baltimore Washington International  Marshall Airport is the most popular airport and many credit the presence of Southwest Airlines for making it the airport of choice in the D.C. region. More than 70 percent of the flights at BWI are operated by Southwest.