Do you have nightmares of falling onto the tracks in a Metro station, especially as a train is about to rumble down them?

It happened to one man, and he escaped unharmed.

A man who appeared to be intoxicated is seen falling between two Metro train cars on March 1 at the Mount Vernon Square station. The man landed in an area away from the tracks and was dazed, but not injured. (WMATA)


Post reporter Abigail Hauslohner wrote about this incident at Mount Vernon Square last week. A man who was apparently intoxicated leaned against a Metro train for support, then stumbled forward and slipped between two of the train’s cars and onto the track. The low-quality video, which Metro released Monday, shows what happened. It also shows another person waving his arms in the air and banging on the side of the train as the train starts to move, right after the man fell. As the train departs, the witness holds his head and waves his hands, visibly distressed.

Then a crowd of people gathers at the edge of the platform, and they peer down onto the tracks at the man.

Remarkably, the man had rolled into the zone outside of the rails known as the “area of refuge” and had avoided being hit. The video shows the bystanders pulling him out to safety.