Metro tested out its new 7000-series subway cars for months. Pictured, the front of the cab is a distinct black, contrasting with the stainless steel of the car itself. (Bill O’Leary/The Washington Post)

Metro’s new rail cars, known as the 7000 series, made their debut in Tuesday morning’s commute.

The rail cars ran on the Blue Line and will eventually be on all of Metro’s rail lines. Metro has been working for years to buy and get the new rail cars as part of a $2 billion effort for the next decade. With the new cars, it plans to retire part of its aging fleet of rail cars.

On Tuesday, the first new train departed just after 7 a.m. from the Franconia-Springfield stop.

There are several new features on the rail cars, including the sleek silver color, slip-resistant flooring instead of carpeting, and ergonomically engineered seats. And gone are the garbled announcements of the next stop. These new rail cars have automated announcements.

But some things remain the same —

Riders reacted on social media —

And as riders boarded and took a seat, a few noticed the new features. Ah, those seats —

Some riders came out to capture the moment —

But some riders seemed not to notice any of the new shine or features around them as they rode the new trains. No gaga reaction, according to the Washington Post’s Dr. Gridlock, who was out on one of the new trains Tuesday morning.